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Q: How much investment do I require?

A: You need an initial investment of £5,995. You will also need additional working capital to fund your Digital Agency while you build your client list.

Q: Is the initial fee a one-off fee?

A: Yes, the initial investment fee of £5,995 is a one off payment. This fee gives you access to our bespoke Technology Platforms, Live Training, Learn Centre, Digital Office and Support structure to launch/grow your business.

Q: Do I have to pay royalties?

A: No, you will however have to pay £100/month management fee for ongoing support and development. This fee includes 10 Free Platform Credits which means the first 10 services you offer your clients (Food Ordering, Reputation Management or Social Posting) will be included in your monthly fee. Any services you sell after your first 10 will be charged at £10/month on top of your monthly fee.

Q: How much can I earn?

A: Your earnings are dependant on the sales you generate. You keep all of the onboarding fee and monthly fees that you charge your client. You will invoice your client directly and they will pay into your bank account.

Q: Who does the customer pay?

A: The customers pays you directly for the services you provide as they are your customer. How you receive payment is up to you. Normally we suggest your client pays you 50% of the onboarding fee upfront and the remainder when their platform(s) go live. You will also need to set up monthly billing for the monthly fee that you charge.

Q: How long is the contract?

A: The contract is for a minimum period of 12 months. After 12 months you can continue on a rolling monthly basis. Although we do not expect you to, you can terminate any time after 12 months by providing a one month notice period.

Q: Do I have restricted territory?

A: No, we allow our Partners to market their services anywhere in the world without geographical restrictions. Your Digital Agency has the ability to provide value to any type of client. We do have internal control measures in place to stop the crossover of Partners.

Q: Can I sell additional services?

A: Yes, we have an Add-ons section which boosts the number of services you can provide to your clients outside of our Food Ordering, Reputation Management and Social Posting Platforms. You also have the ability to offer any other services you may be skilled in performing for your clients.

Q: Do I operate under the Stacked Digital brand or my brand?

A: You have the option of both. Most Partners choose to operate under the Stacked Digital brand as it accelerates their route to market. However, if you wanted to operate under your own brand we do offer a whitelabel solution.

Q: Can I sell my business in the future?

A: Yes, you can sell your business at anytime in the future once you have built up a customer base. If we find a buyer for you, there is a 10% finders fee.

Q: Do I need technical experience?

A: No, you do not. Our Social Posting, Reputation Management and Food Ordering Platforms have been built to be as user-friendly and non-technical as possible. You will however need basic computer skills to allow you to update text/content within the systems.

Q: What am I expected to do?

A: You will research and identify businesses that may benefit from your services. You will then contact them and demonstrate how your Digital Agency can add value to their business. This is all covered during your initial Training Programme and within our Learn Centre.

Q: Are there any up-sell opportunities?

A: Absolutely. You can up-sell any other services you wish to offer to your client. We have a whole Add-ons section dedicated to services that are fulfilled by our central team that you can resell to your clients.

Q: Does Stacked Digital provide customer contracts?

A: Yes, we do. We provide you with all the business documents you require including proposals documents and detailed terms of service that you can provide to your clients. This can all be accessed within the Digital Office, which all Partners have full and unlimited access.

Q: What support will I receive?

A: Once you have completed your initial 2 days of training with us, you will be provided with unlimited support via telephone and email from our expert Support Team. You will also have access to our helpdesk as well as our Learn Centre which has a range of online training courses to assist you in growing your Digital Agency.

Q: Do you own the technology?

A: Yes, we aren't like other businesses that whitelabel software and pass it off as their own. All of our platforms are completely bespoke and will continue to develop over time. We believe it is important to be in complete control of the technology that we offer. This means we are better equipped to modify and adapt the technology in line with feedback from our Partners and their clients.

Q: What products am I selling?

A: You are free to pick and choose what platforms and services you sell to your clients. The three core platforms you will have the ability to resell when you join us are the Food Ordering, Reputation Management and Social Posting Platforms. You can also offer our Add-on services to your clients to expand the capabilities of your Digital Agency. You can see more about the Technology Platforms here.

Q. Do I need to have any programming knowledge?

A: No, you do not. Our development team has worked really hard to make our technology very user friendly. You do not need to be a programmer or have a background in IT to provide our solutions to your clients.

Q. Does your technology integrate with other third party systems?

A: Yes, we do. Our technology supports many third party platforms that you will be familiar with including Apple, Google, Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor and PayPal to name just a few. You can find out more about our specific integrations for each platform by visiting our Technology pages.

Q: Can I see your technology in action?

A: Yes, you can. We are happy to provide an overview of our technology as well as cover the other important aspects of launching a successful Digital Agency. You can start the process by contacting us here.

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