Introducing our Partner Accelerator Programme


April 18, 2021
Kamran Awan
Introducing our Partner Accelerator Programme
As a company, we have already achieved many significant milestones since launching our Digital Agency business opportunity at the beginning of 2020. From our partnership with DigitalOcean and Star Micronics to being one of the first ordering systems to integrate cryptocurrency payments in our technology, we have always invested in our business model.

Making the decision 3 years ago to develop our own technology platforms in-house, instead of white labelling software from a third party, like most franchise organisations, gives our partners a unique selling point from day one.

Owning the intellectual property and source code for our technology has allowed us to build a comprehensive eco-system that has enabled our partners to work with lots of different types of businesses across the globe.

Add in the launch ready brand, live training, resources plus support, via our Learn Centre and Digital Office, and it’s easy to see why we have grown so rapidly within the UK but also on the international stage.

Being featured with the Digital Marketing Institute as well as in some other leading publications, that we’ll announce in the not too distant future, it’s certainly been a busy time for us at HQ.

However, this week's blog is not a recap of what we provide but rather the announcement of a new initiative that we see as crucial to the development of our partners Digital Agencies.

We are proud to announce the launch of our “Partner Accelerator Programme” that has been created in consultation with our existing network members and also our resident business coach, Ben Porter-Smith.

The pre-launch process
Over the last few months we have gone through a detailed consultation process with our partner network to understand how we can further help them develop their Digital Agencies with us.

This was an open forum with partners communicating aspects that they’ve really enjoyed such as our Business Growth Sessions as well as some additional resources/support they’d like to be implemented.

The information gathered during this process was crucial in helping us shape the Partner Accelerator Programme to achieve maximum benefit for our partners.

Alongside the consultation with our partner network, we also leveraged the experience and skills of our resident professional business coach. Ben has a number of years experience in working with small business owners and helping them to a position of financial stability. This unique insight into the challenges and mindset of small business owners has been crucial in helping us develop our Partner Accelerator Programme.

What is the Partner Accelerator Programme?
The Partner Accelerator Programme is a 12 chapter blueprint that encapsulates every aspect of launching and scaling a Digital Agency with us.

We understand that starting and growing a business can be difficult, especially if you have no previous experience. While the idea of being a business owner is something that appeals to the majority, the practical realities often deter people from getting started.

Our Partner Accelerator Programme is designed as a framework that can be leveraged by our existing and new partners to accelerate their Digital Agencies. It covers all the key areas of growing a successful Digital Agency including:

  • Day to day management
  • Lead generation
  • Converting sales
  • Key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • Financial structure
  • Plus much more
The Partner Accelerator Programme contains easy to digest strategies that can be implemented straight away to give our partners another huge advantage in the marketplace.

How is it delivered?
We wanted to make sure our Partner Accelerator Programme was delivered and consumed by all network members in the most frictionless way. With so much useful information, it can seem overwhelming trying to absorb everything all at once.

Therefore, we have a 12 chapter framework that is a combination of written, video and audio content presented by Ben, that can be accessed online via our Learn Centre. This makes it effortless for our partners to review and action the subject areas during their day-to-day work.

Alongside the content, we have also included a detailed workbook with activity milestones to ensure partners are always on track for success. The milestones are crucial in ensuring that our partners are implementing the framework in the right way to boost their performance.

A further enhancement to the Partner Accelerator Programme is the inclusion of quizzes at the end of each of the 12 chapters. These are designed to ensure that the learnings are fully understood by partners before they move on to the next stage of the programme.

What is the objective?
The objective of our Partner Accelerator Programme is to give our partners all the training and knowledge they need to succeed. By having a 12 chapter blueprint that includes all the fundamental areas of running a successful Digital Agency, we are removing the guesswork when it comes to trying to grow a business.

It’s important to mention that our Partner Accelerator Programme is designed to be used alongside the other support mechanisms we have in place such as our live training programme, Business Growth Sessions, telephone/email support and our Learn Centre/Digital Office.

By bringing all of this together, we feel our partners have a strong foundation in place to help their clients with digital marketing and digital transformation for many years ahead.

What has the feedback been so far?
The Partner Accelerator Programme has been really positively received by our existing partners as it’s been created with their input. Building actionable strategies and guidance that can be implemented immediately has proven to be useful to existing and new partners alike.

There are also a number of other developments with regard to our technology and wider business model that we are excited to share with you in the months ahead.

Our Partner Accelerator Programme has taken a number of months to formulate and create as we wanted to release something with substantial tangible value for our partners. This new initiative sits proudly alongside the other aspects of our Digital Agency concept to ensure we are cementing our place as the most value-driven business model on the market.

To find out more about our Partner Accelerator Programme, please contact a member of our team or book a call with us here.

Until next time, take care.

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