Our Story

A brief history - our story condensed into just a few major milestones

From inception, to launch, to onboarding partners and beyond

Q1 2018

Inception of iOB Business

We started iOB Business and began creating our eco-system. We began work on developing our technology infrastructure and other internal systems - including the Digital Office, Learn Centre and partner microsite frameworks. All under the original iOrderBot brand. For those of you wondering.. that is where the iOrderBot in iOB Business comes from!

Q3 2019

Launched iOB Business website

Officially launched our website in July of 2019 to allow us to start creating content, while still developing our infrastructure and resources.

Q4 2019

Publicly launched our business opportunity

After almost 2 years of hard work we had our main cornerstones in place, putting us in a position to publicly launch our Digital Agency business opportunity. This involved running our first campaigns to take our opportunity to market.

Q1 2020

Onboarded our first partner

After just 2 months of going public we signed and onboarded our first partner! This included our first face-to-face training session for iOB Business partners and the seed of our network was sown.

Q2 2020

iOrderBot Rebranded to Stacked Digital

Introducing additional digital solutions meant a re-think of our original partner-centric brand vision. iOrderBot had evolved to much more than a food ordering platform. We needed a fresh, clean and innovative brand to reflect the value we were building. Thus, Stacked Digital was born.

Q3 2020

Released our 4th in-house platform - Online Booking

To ensure our partners could offer relevant solutions to their clients, we continued to evolve our offering. This included all aspects of our opportunity, but importantly the technology systems that our partners sold to SMEs. Our Online Booking platform was released to give another valuable solution to businesses.

Q4 2020

Introduction of bi-weekly BGS and iOB Business Webinars

We joined forces with a professional business coach to deliver useful and engaging content for our partner network and also our wider audience. Every week we hold either a Business Growth Session for our partner network or an iOB Business Webinar for anyone who is interested in learning more about launching, running and managing a Digital Agency.

Q1 2021

Zapier integration

Released our Zapier app, expanding the capabilities and scope of our eco-system exponentially. Our Digital-Agency.Tech Zapier app allows data sharing from our platforms to 3000+ other external systems.

Q2 2021

Expansion of Fulfilment Team and services

Significant growth in our partner network resulted in the need for a more diverse portfolio of digital services. A detailed feedback survey was commissioned amoung our partner network to identify additional services that they felt were required by local businesses. From the results of the survey we introduced new services that are deliver by our Fulfilment Services.

Q3 2021

Website relaunch and new Pricing Tiers

A good website never stays the same for long! We had a few iterations over the past couple years, but this latest relaunch is our biggest update so far. In addition, we released brand new Pricing Tiers to make business ownership accessible for all.

What iOB Business has to offer is far superior to the rest

Colin M.

iOB Business Partner