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Kamran Awan

Kamran Awan


BSc (Hons) and Digital Marketing Institute Pro with over 10 years experience in franchising and digital marketing.

James Mohamed

James Mohamed


MSc (Hons) in Technology Systems. Background in full-stack development, training and support.

Our background

We set up iOB Business in Leicester, UK, in 2018 as we identified that the world was rapidly moving towards digital solutions. However, many businesses were struggling to market online and were still relying on traditional methods that were not effective. Business owners needed help but had nowhere to turn.

Looking at the franchising sector, we realised that the majority of franchisors in this space were selling white label software from third party providers. This seemed strange to us as the franchisor, franchisee and their clients had no control over how the software was developed.

With our talented team, we set about creating our Digital Agency concept that gave our partners control and crucially, helped businesses overcome the challenges of marketing online. Iteration by iteration, we have developed our unique eco-system that includes our custom technology solutions and business infrastructure.

Fast forward to the present day and we have established a successful partner network around the world that are focused on helping businesses enhance their online presence. Our Digital Agency concept is only going from strength to strength as the digitalisation of society continues.

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Chitra R.

iOB Business Partner