Lifetime Support

We give you the help and guidance you need to succeed

Your success is our success

Every successful business needs an amazing support structure in place. Reaching out to our Support Team has never been easier which ensures you get the right help, when you need it most.


Lifetime support includes:

Live Training

We understand that starting a business can be scary and frustrating. This is why we believe in the personal touch and really working with you closely to set up your Digital Agency for long term success. Start with 2 days of live training to lay the foundation for your business.

Learn Centre

Growing a Digital Agency requires you to be skilled in a number of areas. This is why your Learn Centre is designed to supplement your initial training with additional courses to boost your continuous professional development.

Telephone Support

Sometimes you might need help on a particular solution or whilst visiting a client. Or maybe you would prefer to discuss a particular issue over the phone. Our dedicated Support Team is always on hand. Simply pick up the phone and reach out to our friendly team who will be happy to assist you.

Email Support

If you do have a question which is quite detailed you can either submit a question through your Partner Dashboard or simply email our support team. You will receive a near instantaneous response from our knowledgeable support agents.


There is nothing quite like having that lightbulb moment and solving the puzzle yourself. Our Helpdesk is a complete knowledge base for every element of our technology platforms. With lots of support articles you can really dive into the details and nuances of each solution.

Live Chat

Coming soon! We are looking forward to bringing live chat support to our Partners. Get instant responses to your queries from our Support Team right from within your Partner Dashboard.

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